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Air Conditioning Services

Climacool Air Conditioning offers a broad and diverse expertise of air conditioning installation services. Our team of skilled professionals can assist you with the implementation of your new AC system, whether it be for residential or commercial use. The qualified team is trained in handling all types of air conditioning brands, including and not limited to Daikin and Fujitsu.

Air Conditioner Sales

Climacool Air Conditioning is dedicated to supplying our clients with the best air conditioner for their particular needs and area. With years of experience and expertise with multiple designs and brands, we have learnt to recommend two brands that conquer the market in efficiency, affordability and quality. It is our promise to our clients looking for a new air conditioner, to only provide the best unit for their heating and cooling needs.

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Air Conditioning General Maintenance

Rest assured, Climacool Air Conditioning services in Sydney are executed by an expert team of qualified professionals to assist with all general maintenance procedures relating to your ventilation system. Here at Climacool, our helpful tradesmen are experienced in both new and old AC unit’s.

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Climacool Air Conditioning are trained thoroughly in commercial buildings. As air conditioning industry experts we understand how to cater to the individuals needs of our clients and the spaces they occupy. Whether it be the whole office needing a ventilation system or perhaps a ducted system in the factory, Climacool has your heating and cooling solution.



Domestic Air Conditioning Systems

Climacool Air Conditioning Service tradesmen in Sydney are well equipped to provide solutions to your residential space. As air conditioning specialists, we understand that each individual client is has different needs and spaces. Climacool Air Conditioning are tradesmen that can do it all. Expertise ranging from large houses needing a new ventilation system, to apartments needing a simple wall mounted AC unit. Climacool can do it all.

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