Supply / Install of Antibacterial Air Conditioning

The air in your office or retail establishment must be pure and free of dust and allergens. But that isn’t all- many bacteria in the air can harm our health, and you should try to ensure that the air indoors is free from it.

Today, with the Covid-19 virus threat looming all around us, it’s crucial for businesses that are open to ensure that their premises are as hygienic as possible. This is where anti-bacterial air conditioning systems come in. Even under normal circumstances, it’s a good idea to have these unique systems installed.

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HVAC Systems With Antibacterial Filters

We at Climacool Air Conditioning are committed to providing our clients with high-quality air-conditioning products and installation services. We have years of experience behind us and have the knowledge and skills needed to handle the installation of split air-conditioning systems with special anti-bacterial filters in your home.

Companies like Panasonic and other major brands like Mitsubishi etc. manufacture these models with advanced filters. The Nano Platinum Deodorising filter technology helps significantly reduce airborne bacteria, while also improving the indoor air quality. Anti-allergy enzyme filters in some systems help combat allergens.

These are crucial functions that can help protect you from exposure to harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses. In these times where Covid-19 is becoming an increasing threat, you should consider getting these system s installed.

ClimaCool Air Conditioning

Professional AC Installation Services

We are very knowledgeable about these systems and would be able to provide you with information regarding the pros and cons of these HVAC units with anti-bacterial filters. If you feel that the indoor air quality in your commercial setting isn’t as excellent as it should be, because of an old or ailing unit, you should consider the installation of a modern air-conditioning unit with anti-bacterial filtration technology.

We handle this job to industry standards and cover our work with guarantees. When you get your AC unit installed by certified HVAC technicians like us, it helps to maintain the warranty of the system. We can supply any of these units and install them at your commercial location. Our company makes sure that the system installation is done correctly and as per industry standards. This ensures the product warranty of the system stays intact.

If you want to know more about these systems, reach out to us at Climacool Air Conditioning. You can use our contact form or call 1300 379 334.

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