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Industrial Air Conditioning

Industrial air conditioning systems are very different from residential or even commercial ones. Industrial spaces are more spread out, and the equipment and machines generate more heat. These aspects make it crucial to have the correct type of heavy-duty air conditioners and zoning systems on these properties. This is where the skills of experts like us at Climacool come in.

We are one of the most experienced operators in this space. Our professional air conditioning technicians have worked with industrial air conditioners in almost every operating setting. We assist in designing, procuring, and installing the most energy-efficient solutions feasible, resulting in lower operating expenses and improved performance.

ClimaCool Air Conditioning

Industrial Air Conditioning System Packages

These systems are often installed on rooftop platforms, although they can also be installed at ground level.
One or more compressors, an evaporator fan, a coil set, and a condenser fan are included.

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Industrial Ventilation
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Cooling Towers
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Industrial Chillers

Insulated ducting is used to transport cool air when the external packaged unit may be placed near the conditioned space. A substantial proportion of air is carried from the air-conditioned room to the unit via a parallel duct system and a stack of filters. At the same time, a minor proportion of fresh air gets added at the air return point.

Zoning Of Industrial Package Air Conditioning Systems

By installing several separate package units, one may accomplish cost-effective zone management while also decreasing the equipment point load on roofs. Alternative industrial air conditioning Sydney options include electric duct warmers and variable air volume devices.

Industrial Packaged Units

These systems are perfect for separating the compressor's vibrations and noise from the air-conditioned room. Typically, the indoor unit, which consists of a fan, filters, and heating/cooling coil, is positioned in a plant room or the ceiling. The indoor unit then delivers conditioned air via an insulated ducting. A substantial proportion of air is returned from the air-conditioned area via separate ductwork and a bank of filters. In this system, a small proportion of fresh air is injected at the air return point.

The outdoor unit consists of the compressor, fans, and condensing coil and is positioned on rooftop platforms or the ground. Up to 50 metres of shielded refrigerant tubing connects the two units.

industrial air conditioning

Repairs & Maintenance

Industrial air conditioning unit breakdowns can affect your business in many ways. It impacts employee productivity and can damage the equipment and machinery in that space. As a result of system failure, your industrial unit's productivity and profitability are hit. But you can easily prevent this from happening. Our professional industrial air conditioning servicing team can help you save money. Here's how:

It’s Our Primary Focus

Installing, servicing and repairing industrial air conditioners is our primary focus, and we are here to help in all these aspects.

We Work Closely With You

We thrive on complicated industrial projects and work closely with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Responsibility Is On Us

No matter the size of your business, we happily accept the responsibility of maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature across your entire facility.

ClimaCool Air Conditioning

Climacool specialises in various forms of air conditioning, such as Residential, Commercial & Industrial. Our expert industrial air conditioning technicians are conversant with most air conditioner manufacturers. If you want air conditioning supplies and installations, repairs, or maintenance, look no further than our experienced staff.

If you want more information about our Industrial Air Conditioning Sydney services, contact Climacool via this Contact Us Form or call us at 1300 379 334. We are here to provide customised air conditioning solutions for your industrial premises. Our team will manage every aspect of the job, so you get all the services you need under a single roof.