What is ducted air conditioning System?

A ducted air conditioning System is a modern and innovative air regulation system. It functions by being invisible to the eye and installed through the ceiling or flooring. The air is distributed through various ducts filtered through vents or diffusers. With the implementation of a reverse cycling system, it allows for a polarity of cool and warm air to enter your home. Regularly designed to function through 2 or more spaces, it delivers an efficient means of climate control within residential or commercial buildings. The outdoor and indoor units working in correspondence to one another.

The indoor unit being a centralized unit connected to various rooms discretely. Whereas the outdoor unit being powered through installation of a compressor or condenser. Functioning by sending cool and hot air into the space. The ducts than working to actively regulate the temperature. Assuring a non-stressful and simple system designed to provide efficient and fast results for all your air regulatory needs.

Zones in conjunction with the system

As a result of the technological advancements in the air duct system, the air is distributed through the system to areas referred to as zones. Meaning it essentially circulates airflow and temperature to all rooms or spaces. Delivering even air distribution throughout the home or rooms allocated by the system. Often time, a maximum of eight different zones is offered upon air duct installation.


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Advantages of ducted air conditioning

Flexible user control

With the efficiency and convenience of zone control, rooms can be treated with a certain temperature level. It requires almost no level of technological competence to the average user. Remote options are commonly provided as either a handheld remote control or one mounted onto a wall. The remotes simple layout being digestible to various age groups. Alongside this, it offers an option for a “Set and forget timer.” With timed air regulation for certain rooms. For example, you can select automated heating or cooling every 24 hours, making consistency hassle free! With the user having the ability to adjust or modify the temperature at just the click of a button!

Various systems available

Our expert team can cater to your unique air conditioning needs through air ducting, there are numerous makes and models designed for your specialised space. With our expertise at Climacool, we can provide constructive advice and consultations to ensure a highly functioning system. The right style and size are crucial in delivering efficient and cohesive results. Leading to us deterring the possibility of an awkward fit or aesthetic of a particular make or model.

Minimal noise

In comparison to the regularity of obnoxious noise given by a conventional unit, air ducting provides little to no noise in your space. Resulting in its flexibility for a plethora of occasions such as: Business meetings, dinner parties and day to day occasions with family and friends. Especially during the night-time with non-disrupted sleep, in which you can allocate a room to heat or cool ready for the day. Maintaining a calm ambience and tranquillity for your convenience.

Optimising value of housing

In the competitive nature of the current housing market, an air ducting system will highlight your property amongst other candidates. As it is cheaper to utilise and maintain, the system becomes of high appeal. Particularly with a life expectancy of over 15 years with regular maintenance. The conveniency and modernity of the system allowing for an aesthetic and efficient user experience.

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Cost effectivity

Rather than installing a separate unit in every space, the cohesiveness of an air ducting system is more practical and affordable long term! The likelihood of conventional air conditioners breaking down being risen with a higher number of units installed per room. This results in an individually split system bearing higher costs than a split system. Its maintenance is more affordable long term. It is requiring less energy to operate, saving you money on electricity bills!

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Maintaining general aesthetic

There are various common concerns regarding the bulky nature of a regular installation and its implications on the interior design. As a result, air ducting is an effective solution. Hidden and discrete it maintains a cohesive interior. Occurring because of the system being mounted in the ceiling or flooring, along with the grills and diffusers.

Consistency in temperature throughout space

The inconvenience of a particular room posing a higher temperature than another can be frustrating. Resulting in an uneven air distribution throughout your space. Ducting air conditioning system provides a remedy to this, through a remote-control system it can deliver a level of either heating or cooling to the specified space. Providing no complexity to the user and an easy navigational system.

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Ducted air conditioning categories

There is a multitude of air conditioning systems that are beneficial to your individual needs. These conditioners consist of inverter ducted, slimline ducted and a bulkhead system. An inverter is typically for small to large residential spaces. It’s the seamlessness and concealed nature is designed to maintain a clean appearance throughout your home. Often installed in the ceiling through restricted spaces and ducts. It’s hassle-free air con installation process easily accommodates your home. A slimline ducted system is well suited for commercial spaces due to its nature of low or narrow ceiling space.

The thin design being very non-impactful to the space’s aesthetic. Relevant to apartments and offices. Whereas a bulkhead system is targeted towards air regulation for a specified room or space. Well accustomed to spaces with shallow ceilings and no prerequisite roofing. Designed for owners who want to emphasise the temperature control of a single room. Applicable to both hotels and motels.