Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney

Climacool Air Conditioning are trained thoroughly in commercial buildings. As air conditioning industry experts we understand how to cater to the individual’s needs of our clients and the spaces they occupy. Whether it be the whole office needing a ventilation system or perhaps a ducted system in the factory, Climacool has your heating and cooling solution.

Commercial air conditioning systems are entirely different from installations on residential properties. Commercial premises could be more extensive, and the requirements of the clients will also be very different.

Since all of these aspects are crucial in the installation of commercial air conditioning systems, you need the services of a company that would be able to provide you customised services based on your specific needs. This is where we at Climacool Air Conditioning come into the picture.

Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Installers in Sydney

We are a company with vast experience in this industry. Over the years, we have handled commercial air conditioning system installations in Sydney for clients across various industries. Not only do we have the resources and knowledge to handle the job but also the certification and skills needed to complete it to industry standards.

You can trust that we will provide you with the best services as well as consultation so that you can make the right decision for the type of Sydney commercial air conditioning system that you want on your property. We understand that this system installation represents a significant investment for your business.

You want the right model and brand as well as superior installation. We help you with every aspect of this job. Our company has been serving businesses across Sydney, for all their HVAC requirements. While we focus on offering high-grade solutions, we also prioritise aspects such as energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Commercial air conditioning

Some Facts about Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

On average, 40%-60% of the energy spend of a business establishment is accounted for by their HVAC system. It also means that there is a significant opportunity for you to improve efficiency while reducing energy spend. The only way you can get a high-grade system that performs efficiently for several years and serves your business purposes well is to ensure that it is engineered correctly.

We help with complete planning of the system so that you get commercial air conditioning systems in Sydney installations that will last longer, perform seamlessly and energy efficiently. Whether you need an advanced, centralised air conditioning system for your office building or a smaller ducted system for a single office, we will help provide you all the information that you need to make the right decision.

In some cases, the ideal commercial air conditioning system in Sydney solution could involve making some changes to the existing system to ensure its energy efficiency. However, in most cases, the client’s prefer to upgrade to new and modern air conditioning systems that have a higher energy rating.

It was recorded by The Guardian that 55% of staff complain and underperform when their working areas temperature is unbearable. To get the best out of your employees you have to invest in a fully functional air conditioning unit that will cool down the entire work area. Employees & customers need ventilation and air circulation. Climacool Air Conditioning will help assess your area and provide the most effective AC system installation for your specific commercial space.

Once you have approved the type of commercial air conditioning system that you want for your business, we will make sure that the installation is completed to industry standards.

Range of Commercial Air Conditioning in Sydney Services

We offer a wide variety of services including

Installation of Commercial Air conditioners in Sydney– We offer customised air commercial air conditioning installations in Sydney to businesses of different shapes and sizes throughout the greater Sydney region. We specialise in the upgrading of existing systems and have the experience to identify flaws in them while managing the job effectively.

Servicing– We firmly believe that the only way your HVAC system will continue to operate correctly is that you get it maintained with regularity. Not only will this ensure that it functions optimally but that you have safe and comfortable indoor air on your premises. Timely and regular commercial air conditioning maintenance in Sydney goes a long way in improving the energy efficiency of the system, saving you thousands of dollars each year.

Repairs – Sometimes, even the best air conditioning systems will require some repair. We offer high-grade commercial air conditioning repair in Sydney. Whether you need a minor flaw fixed or something more complex repair, we have you covered.

We diagnose faults in air conditioning systems quickly and ensure that these are fixed, and the installation is optimised correctly. Not only will your system function more efficiently, but it will also help to reduce the operating costs.

Our experienced team ensures the smooth end-to-end process of your commercial air conditioning

We will ensure the whole installation process will be smooth, efficient and affordable. Our customer service professionals will also make sure they do not disrupt the surrounding working environment so that your business can continue to flow and function as it normally would.

The Climacool air Conditioning tradesmen are qualified in commercial building standards, rules and codes. In addition to this, the team are all thoroughly trained in occupational health and safety standards and conduct their work professionally with respect to their surroundings. The team are all insured for all residential and commercial work. Our service is quick, affordable and friendly.

We cover all our commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services with industry-leading warranties. It means that we are focused on completing the job right the first time around.

If you want to know more about our commercial air conditioning installation in Sydney services, reach out to us at Climacool Air Conditioning. You can use our contact form or call 1300 379 334