air conditioning

Best Temperature For My Air Conditioning In Summer

With the summer season right around the corner, it’s a good idea to get regular air conditioning maintenance done. This…

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Daikin Air Conditioning: The Ultimate HVAC Solution for Your Home

Daikin Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning units. It has offices overseas and in Australia. Why Choose…

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Ducted Air Conditioning: Cooling for Large Spaces

One of the most important considerations with a new building construction is deciding on the most suitable HVAC system to…

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Considering office air conditioning for summer? Here’s what you need to know

With the countdown on until Christmas, now might be the time to consider getting your staff the ultimate Christmas gift…

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Is your air conditioner ready for summer?

The sun’s just a little bit warmer, the days are just a little bit longer and with daylight savings just…

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A brief history of air conditioning

These days most of us see air conditioning as a necessity more than a luxury. It’s a feature that helps…

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The common options for commercial air conditioning

Cooling or heating a commercial space is a very different proposition to air conditioning a standard home. There’s size to…

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How much does it cost to run an air conditioner?

In the heat of an Australian summer there’s nothing nicer than walking into a home chilled to a comfortable temperature.…

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Split type air conditioner repair Sydney

Seven questions to ask your air conditioner installer

Whether you’re looking for ducted air conditioning or a simple split system, buying and installing an air conditioner is an…

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climate control lifestyle

How climate control improves your lifestyle

Most of us can appreciate that climate control improves the home environment by making it more comfortable. But did you…

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inverter air conditioner

What are the benefits of an inverter air conditioner?

Chances are you’ve been hearing about inverter split systems in recent years, with inverter technology now favoured over conventional split…

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air conditioner mistakes

Five air conditioning mistakes you’re probably making

An air conditioner tends to one of those appliances few people think about until something goes wrong, and small but…

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ducted heating

Top tips for ducted heating and cooling

As the cool bite of winter makes its presence felt, ducted heating is proving a welcome addition in many Sydney…

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Sydney's salty air and air contitioning

Sydney’s salty air and the impact on air conditioning

A life lived by the beach – it’s the Australian dream come true. But sadly, this idyllic coastal lifestyle might…

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refrigerated air conditioners

Refigerated versus evaporative air conditioners

If you’ve ever spent time in western New South Wales or the Australian outback, chances are you’ve seen the boxlike…

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office air conditioning Sydney

EOFY – is now the time to upgrade my office air conditioning?

With the end of financial year fast approaching there are not only some great deals on air conditioning units currently…

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Ducted air conditioning residential Sydney

The ins and outs of ducted air conditioning

Widely used in large buildings and commercial settings like hospitals, educational facilities, apartment buildings and offices, ducted air conditioning is…

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workplace heating Sydney

Heating your workplace this winter

A recent icy blast across Australia has signalled winter is now here in earnest and for many work environments that…

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heating winter Sydney

Optimising your heating this winter

As those chilly winter mornings begin to bite and the days get colder and shorter, now is the time that…

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air conditioning in classrooms Sydney

The benefits of air conditioning in classrooms

For years, Australian students and teachers have sweltered through long, hot summers, sometimes in classrooms where temperatures exceed 35 degrees.…

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air conditioner repair Sydney

Six signs you need an air conditioner repair

Ideally your domestic or commercial air-conditioner will be serviced on a regular basis to ensure it remains efficient, effective and…

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replace your air conditioner Sydney

Is it time to replace your air conditioner?

Like all appliances, an air conditioner has a lifespan which can be impacted by how often it’s serviced, cleaned, and…

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what air conditioner size Sydney

Size matters when it comes to air-conditioning

In the cozy world of air-conditioning size really matters. An air-conditioning system that is too small for a space is…

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indoor air quality Sydney

The importance of indoor air quality

Air conditioning isn’t just about heating and cooling your home or office, it’s also about improving the indoor air quality…

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office air conditioner temperature Sydney

What is the ideal temperature for your workplace?

From the reception desk to the boardroom, the temperature of air-conditioning can stir up all sorts of “heated” debate and…

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winter air conditioner Sydney

Preparing your reverse-cycle air conditioner for winter

Right about now, there’s a hint in the air of winter to come. The mornings are just that little bit…

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air conditioner filters Sydney

The importance of clean air conditioning filters

They might be out of sight, but when it comes to commercial and domestic air conditioning, air filters should be…

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energy star ratings of air conditioners

Air conditioners and star ratings – What exactly do they mean?

theIf you’re considering installing air conditioning, energy efficiency is likely to be among the factors to consider. That being said,…

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commercial air conditioning project Sydney

The importance of HVAC maintenance

Did you know poorly maintained commercial heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment can increase its energy consumption by up to…

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HVAC commercial

Five tips to keep your workplace HVAC costs down

In the workplace, comfort is paramount, with heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) one of the major features which ensures your…

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air conditioning for a large home in Sydney

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home

Whether you’re considering air conditioning for your new home or are looking to add heating and cooling to an existing…

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commercial air conditioning project Sydney

5 Tips to Get the Most Cool From Your Car Air Conditioning

When summer gets hot, sticky and uncomfortable, the last thing you want is to have to drive around baking in…

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air conditioning Sydney

10 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must

When the summer temperatures start climbing, and the humidity becomes unbearable, air conditioning is a life saver. Here are ten…

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commercial air conditioning project Sydney

How Air Conditioning Changed the World

We live in such modern times that we fail to realize how life had been uncomfortable before. With cooling systems…

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commercial air conditioning sydney

Read This Before You Install Central Airconditioning

Until central airconditioning systems came through, most had to content with that old window type. Before considering a central airconditioning…

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