Why Is My Air Conditioning Running But Not Cooling
ClimaCool Air Conditioning

If the central air conditioning unit on your property isn’t cooling the indoor areas correctly and is blowing hot/warm air, various things could be causing this issue. When there is any problem with your air conditioner, it is a good idea to call in a skilled technician to take a look at it.

We at Climacool Air Conditioning offer high-quality multi-split air-conditioning installation, replacement as well as repair services. However, we like to keep our clients well informed about the different issues that can result in your AC running but not cooling. Here we take a look at what they are:


Air Conditioning Issues That You Can Solve

  • Sometimes, you may have accidentally set the thermostat to the “ON” position instead of “AUTO”. In this setting, the fan would Run 24/7, without cooling the air at all. Setting the thermostat to “AUTO” mode will solve the problem.


  • A dirty air filter can also reduce the airflow into your air conditioner, causing many problems. The system will struggle to circulate sufficient cold air, and you will not be able to get the desired temperature. The evaporator coil will freeze and turn it into a block of ice which means the indoor air will get very minimally cool. It is essential to check the air filter and make sure that there is no dirt, dust or anything else clogging it.


  • If the condenser in the outdoor unit becomes dirty, it can cause your air conditioner to become strained. This can affect the flow of cool air into your home. Use a garden hose to spray the outside unit. If there are any weeds around the system, remove those as well.


Air Conditioning Issues That an AC Technician Needs To Solve

  • If the condenser fan motor is broken or faulty, the outdoor unit would not be able to dissipate heat which means the AC cannot cool your house.


  • If there is a refrigerant leak or the refrigerant charge is low, it would not absorb sufficient heat to cool the air. It also means that the system will not cool the indoor areas of your home, especially on hot days. If you try to operate your AC in this condition, it can result in sluggishness in the compressor and cause extensive damage to it.


  • A damaged compressor will not allow the refrigerant to circulate between the indoor and outdoor units. It also means that the system will not be able to cool the air sufficiently. Extensive damage to the compressor would suggest that you need to get it replaced.


If you have tried to solve some of the issues yourself and find that the system still isn’t cooling as it should call in experts like the ones at our company. For any information about our services, feel free to contact Climacool Air Conditioning at this number 1300 379 334. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.