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Air Conditioning Sydney
Air Conditioning Sydney
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Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney
Air Conditioning Sydney
Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney
Air Conditioning Sydney

In Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

We have extensive commercial air conditioning experience from the multitude of residential and commercial properties we have serviced all over the Sydney metropolitan area

Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney

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Contact with clients to ensure their needs are understood and fulfilled

ClimaCool Air Conditioning

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Continuous improvement regimes to maintain our
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ClimaCool Air Conditioning

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ClimaCool Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning Sydney Services.

ClimaCool Air Conditioning Sydney has over 20 years industry experience. We have been in the business since 1997 and today ClimaCool has become one of the most trusted and reliable Air Conditioning companies in Sydney NSW. We are a team of reliable tradesmen with expertise in Residential Air Conditioning
and Commercial Air Conditioning and ventilation throughout Sydney NSW

Message from the Directors

We've lived by two fundamental belief that filters to our whole company.

"Make the workmanship surpass the materials"
Sam Ghazi - Co Founder

Sam Ghazi - Signature

"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company"
Jay Ghazi - Co Founder

Jay Ghazi - Signature

Air Conditioning Sydney

Air Conditioning Sydney

Air conditioning is something that adds comfort to our lives, and the system we opt for needs to be installed and maintained well at all times to function correctly. We at Climacool Air Conditioning understand this very well and focus on providing our clients with great value for money, excellent service and peace of mind whenever they hire us...

We work in a committed manner systematically and efficiently so that you get high-quality Air Conditioning Sydney systems for your house and commercial properties. As a company that has been operating in this industry for several years, we have the experience, expertise, and the resources needed to create the best experiences for our clients.

We are the heating cooling air conditioning Sydney experts that offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, including:


Climacool Air Conditioning is committed to supplying all our clients with the highest-grade air conditioner for their specific needs and area.

Air Conditioning Installation Sydney NSW

We offer diverse expertise of all types of air conditioning installation services.

Repair and Maintenance

Our team of qualified professionals will assist with all standard general maintenance procedures for different types of air-con systems. We can also handle repairs of these systems to industry standards.

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+ Installations
+ Repairs & Maintenance

Expert in Air Conditioning Installation, Repair in Sydney

Climacool Air Conditioning is a team of reliable tradesmen with expertise in Residential Air Con and Commercial Air Con and ventilation throughout Sydney. As a team we are customer service driven and our goal is to give you the highest quality experience whilst providing our air conditioning service...

Residential Air Conditioning Services

Many of our clients ask us which air conditioning systems would be best. There is no fixed answer to this question. There are split system as well as ducted system. As mentioned earlier, various aspects need to be kept in view while making a selection.

We at Climacool Air Conditioning understand that every client will have particular requirements, and their property layout and size would be different as well.

It is why our team works very closely with you to ensure that you have complete information about the different types of air conditioning Sydney systems available and what their pros and cons are. They will keep your budget and needs in view while recommending the residential air conditioning systems that would be best suited for your property.

Our certified air conditioning installation Sydney team will handle the work to your 100% satisfaction. This also helps to ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioning system stays intact.

Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney NSW

We have built a solid reputation in the industry by providing consistently high quality and affordable air conditioning Sydney solutions to our commercial clients. Commercial properties are very different from residential ones. Not only are more extensive, but their requirements are also different. Before we recommend any specific system for you, we will survey the space and the entire premises.

Once our team has committed the assessment, they will give you all the information you need about ducted air conditioning, split systems, and cassette systems. We know that in the Sydney air conditioning system installation involves a significant investment. Any selection that you make needs to be done, keeping various factors in view.

You are sure to have various questions and doubts, and we are here to help answer and clear all of them. Once you have made your decision about the type of commercial air conditioning system that you want, we will handle the installation as per manufacturer specifications. But that isn't where our commitment ends. We also offer ongoing maintenance services and after-sales support as required, which help the customer on saving on your running costs.

We have handled many types of system and projects of every shape and size, including the planning of air conditioner for residential apartments and individual homes, renovated and new warehouses, offices schools, shopping centres, factories, sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs, and more. We also offer excellent mechanical ventilation services that are a vital aspect of commercial projects.

Air Conditioning Brands We Work With

  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
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Types of Air Conditioning Systems

All of these different leading brands manufacture a variety of air-con systems in Sydney, such as:

  • Ducted Systems
  • Multi Split Systems
  • Split Systems...

Types of Sydney Air Conditioning Systems We Install, Maintain and Repair

All of these different leading brands manufacture a variety of air-con systems in Sydney, such as:

Ducted Systems

These are highly effective and efficient air conditioners and highly recommended. Of all the modern AC system types, these offer the best degree of control. You can also install zoned air conditioning systems, and this allows you to maintain the comfort levels in your home in an energy-efficient way.

Multi-Split System

These are a highly impressive type of climate control systems used to manage the cooling and heating of multiple rooms or spaces on a property.

Split System

These are user-friendly systems for clients that require a quiet and clean air conditioner option.

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+ Multi-Split Systems
+ Split Systems

ClimaCool As Your First Choice

  • An experienced and reputable company
  • Fully Licensed and insured team and operators
  • We install more than 800 ducted and Split air conditioner every year.
  • Customised and personalised air conditioning services...
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 availability of experienced management staff to all clients who ensure the start to finish measure and quality.
  • Qualified and experienced technicians
  • Exceptional customer service and affordable service

Our Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney Installation Work Process

We will have detailed consultations with you to ensure that we have a good understanding of your specific requirements and objectives before recommending any solutions. Some of the aspects that we take into account while determining which air conditioning will work best for your premises include:

  • The current condition of your HVAC system
  • The area to be covered
  • Determining whether you have sufficient ducting
  • Developing a detailed plan for commercial air conditioner installation
  • Providing you with multiple options

If you want to know more about our air conditioning Sydney services, reach out to us at Climacool.

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+ Reach out to us via phone, email, contact form or call us at 1300 379 334

Our Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial Range Hood

Commercial kitchen environments can quickly become stuffy and hot, especially if there is no proper ventilation in place to direct the air away from the room. At Climacool Air Conditioning, we install commercial range hoods that can direct all of the fumes generated by cooking away from the kitchen. This appliance can help improve indoor air quality significantly.

Fabric Duct Systems

Traditional duct systems are made from metals like galvanized steel, aluminum, and other such hard substances. While they are useful, they are also tricky to install and maintain. That’s one of the reasons why we encourage people to consider fabric duct systems. These installations are efficient, reliable, and durable. We have installed fabric ducts in many different locations with excellent results.

Indoor Pool Ventilation

Indoor pools generate a lot of chlorine-laden water vapour, which can make the environment around the pool muggy and stale. Swimmers come to these establishments to relax, but an uncomfortably humid environment can put a damper on anyone’s enthusiasm. At Climacool, we have installed and actively maintain several indoor pool ventilation systems. Our experts understand how they work and what needs to be done to maintain a pleasant atmosphere around a pool.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are an essential part of every ventilation or HVAC system. They help maintain a room’s air quality by drawing tainted, stuffy air away and replacing it with fresher, cleaner air. At climacool, we can install, repair, and maintain commercial-grade exhaust fans. These appliances require regular maintenance to work efficiently because they can attract dirt and grime easily.

Pool Package Air Conditioning

Most people visit pools to relax and get a break from the hot weather conditions outdoors. While a dip in the pool is pleasant, the environment around the pool can quickly become hot and muggy. Pool owners need to find a way to remove excess humidity and make sure the environment is comfortably cool. At Climacool, we have solutions like air conditioning pool packages that can help.

Make-Up Air Supply Ventilator

Modern homes are smaller, better insulated and more energy-efficient. There’s little room for outside air to come in unless the owners open the windows or doors. While that does help preserve the indoor environment and reduces the burden on a property’s HVAC system, it creates other problems like the amount of air supply available in your home. A make-up air supply ventilator can help overcome this problem.

Car Park Supply Systems

Enclosed or underground car parks need proper ventilation. These areas can quickly develop an unhealthy environment due to exhaust fumes and lack of natural ventilation. Building departments require car park owners to install appropriate ventilation like a car park supply system as it helps maintain a better environment inside the park and warns owners about dangerous changes. We understand car park supply systems well and will make sure you have the right equipment in place.

Stair Pressurisation Relief

Most modern buildings have various fire safety installations such as escape routes, safe spaces, ventilation systems, sprinkler systems, alarms, and more. The stair pressurisation system is another vital component of a building’s fire safety infrastructure. This installation increases the air pressure in a stairwell and makes sure the smoke from rooms does not enter the enclosed area when the doors are closed. One of the most critical components of this system is a stair pressurisation relief. At Climacool, we make sure you have effective relief systems in place to aid in egress.

Our Projects

Ranging from AC units in offices and homes, to larger air ducts in factories. The highest quality solutions to your heating & cooling needs

Ranging from AC units in offices and homes, to larger air ducts in factories. The highest quality solutions to your heating & cooling needs

ClimaCool Air Conditioning

Service Details:

  • 25 Apartments
  • 3 Retail
  • Ducted System
ClimaCool Air Conditioning
Landmark Shopping Village

Service Details:

  • Current on-going
  • Daikin package units
  • Mechanical ventilation
ClimaCool Air Conditioning
Highfield, President Avenue, Caringbah

Service Details

  • 25 Apartments
  • 4 Retail
  • Ducted System
ClimaCool Air Conditioning
Narwee 18

Service Details:

  • 18 Townhouses Daikin Ducted System
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Lvl 1 Carpark
ClimaCool Air Conditioning
Highfield, President Avenue, Caringbah

Service Details

  • 25 Apartments
  • 4 Retail
  • Ducted System

Trusted & Backed
By Our Clients

Our team takes extra precautions & measures to ensure our clients are safe, their property left undamaged & our services are met at the highest quality standard

ClimaCool Air Conditioning
Admin OWN
January 4, 2020

ClimaCool upgraded our airconditioning system and were excellent. Such a professional team with great customer service skills. They were always easy to contact and were very happy to answer any questions. A big thank you to Jay and his team for all their work!

Ahmed Nanouh
June 25, 2022.

Amazing job, very professional and went above and beyond for me.
Definitely recommend

Predrag Tomase
June 7, 2022.

Sam Ghazi and his team were great when they installed a new air conditioning system in our business. Thoroughly recommended.

Lydia Sleiman
May 16, 2022

I just had my Daikin ducted air system installed by Jay & Sam and I was extremely impressed. Not only was there service fast & efficient but they are extremely reasonable with pricing and really looked after me.

Can’t recommend this team enough!

Nicola Gavriel
May 13, 2022.

Jay, Sam and the whole team where amazing prior and during the Installation. They installed a Daikin 5kw in my lounge room which was perfectly recommended by them, suits the space and was installed fast with no problems! The whole team where Super fast with responding, extremely professional and helpful with all my questions and very well priced.

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Air Conditioning Sydney
Air Conditioning Sydney