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Air Conditioning in Sydney

Climacool Air Conditioning is Sydney’s best air conditioning company. As a team of trained and qualified professionals, we service all around aircon systems in Sydney’s metropolitan area. We aim to match our clients with the right system for their needs.

With expertise in both residential and commercial air conditioning installations, Climacool Air Conditioning are the most equipped professionals in the trade to service your AC system. We are experienced in all types of air conditioning units, including ducted, split and multi systems.

Not only do we install the air conditioning systems, but we repair, service and perform general maintenance on all brands and systems. We have the expertise to solve all our client issues and concerns with their air conditioning units.

Climacool Services
Climacool offers a wide range of air conditioning services: Aircon Sydney installations, Air Conditioner unit sales & recommendations, Air conditioning system general maintenance, including repairs and servicing, Commercial air conditioning systems & Domestic air conditioning systems.
Team Of Specialists
Climacool Air Conditioning’s team of specialists pride themselves in the quality of their service. We cater to all kinds of clients with a diverse range of maintenance or installations problems or queries. As a team we are customer service driven and our goal is to give you the highest quality experience whilst providing our air conditioning service.
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Our Services

clima-cool-Air conditioning-installations
Air Conditioning Installations

Cimacool Air Conditioning offers a broad and diverse expertise of air conditioning installation services.

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Air Conditioner Sales

Climacool Air Conditioning is dedicated to supplying our clients with the best air conditioner for their particular needs and area.

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clima-cool-Air conditioning-general-maintenance
Air Conditioning General Maintenance

Climacool Air Conditioning have an expert team of qualified professionals to assist with all general maintenance procedures relating to your ventilation system.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Climacool Air Conditioning are trained thoroughly in commercial buildings.

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clima-cool-Domestic-air conditioning-systems
Domestic Air Conditioning Systems

Climacool Air Conditioning tradesmen are well equipped to service your residential space.

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