About Climacool Air Conditioning

Climacool Air Conditioning is a Sydney based team of air conditioning professionals. Climacool has serviced AC units and systems all around Sydney’s metropolitan area. We aim to satisfy our commercial and domestic clients anyway we can, whether it be through air conditioner installations, sales, repairs or servicing.

As a professional air conditioning service, we pride ourselves in quality and outstanding service. We strive to maintain a significant level of customer service throughout the entire process in order to maximise satisfaction with our clients. Air conditioning is what we know best and we are happy to spend extra time with our clients to go through the best aircon solution.

Given our company’s size and management structure, we ensure the highest degree of quality is achieved throughout the whole Climacool Air Conditioning experience. We do this through:

  • Personal and direct involvement in all aspects of the company’s operations and service.
  • Continuous improvement regimes to maintain our level of excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • On-going contact with clients to ensure their needs are understood and fulfilled.
  • 24/7 availability of management staff to all clients
  • A company size and structure, that is able to maintain and ensure quality processes throughout.
  • Employment of qualified staff with technical skills, work experience and exceptional customer service.
  • We thrive on the support and backup of reputable manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors, as well as the services of a senior design engineer and draftsman.

Climacool’s Safety Code

As experienced business professionals we understand the critical importance of occupational health and safety procedures. Our employees are all qualified and up to date with OH&S standards and best-practice. We value our clients and employees enough to ensure all types of potential hazards and issues are avoided, mitigated and given the proper attention. Our attention to detail in relation to OH&S has been instrumental to our continued growth and success.

At the commencement of all client projects, our experienced team creates a detailed OH&S report which identifies and analyzes potential issues that may occur. The report outlines safe working and best practice procedures with the aim to ensure the maximum safety of all people involved in the work environment.

Our Occupational Health and Safety approach and commitment includes:

  • Complete public liability insurance
  • “Safety first” work processes and procedures
  • Adherence to Workers Compensation Act

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