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A ducted air conditioning system is an ideal solution if you want to cool the entire property. It is suitable for both residential and commercial settings as experts can easily tailor installations according to your requirements. At Climacool Air Conditioning, we have vast experience with these kinds of units and know how they work. Our experts can install, repair, and service ducted AC systems. We will make sure you always get consistent climate control throughout your property.

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are efficient and effective air conditioners. They provide users with a distinct degree of comfort as they travel through their residential or commercial space. The convenience based control system allows users to manage their entire ventilation with a push of a button.

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are inbuilt and barely visible. They offer the highest degree of control out of all AC system types. Climacool professionals recommend this highly requested AC unit type to clients building new complexes or clients with existing spaces. It is the perfect system that will allow you to warm up the entire house on a cold winter day or cool down the office during one of Sydney’s notorious heatwaves.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Expert In Sydney

Ducted air conditioning installation requires proper planning and technical expertise. You need to hire a qualified professional who has experience with these processes and knows how to work with different brands. We have been a part of the industry for several years and have installed ducted systems on all kinds of properties. Here’s a look at how our experts can help:

  • Understanding What You Need – We sit down with the clients for an in-depth consultation to understand their needs. Our experts look at factors like budget, priorities, usage, number of people in the house, property size and layout, etc. Looking at all of these factors can help us come up with a definite plan and recommend great solutions.
  • Budget – Once we understand your needs, we offer a detailed quote that includes all expenses. There are no hidden costs, and our technicians are perfectly willing to answer any questions you may have. We always endeavour to provide affordable solutions and will offer the best prices for both a fresh installation or an AC unit replacement.
  • Product Recommendations – There are dozens of brands and hundreds of AC models available in the market today. Choosing suitable options can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects. Our experts will offer unbiased recommendations based on their real-life experience with various products so you can make an informed decision.

Whether you want professional installation or expert ducted air conditioning repair, our technicians can help. They will always provide honest, straightforward advice on matters related to your climate control systems.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

This system has several components that fit in together like pieces in a puzzle. You must make sure all parts are installed properly to get the best performance from your climate control unit. As experienced professionals, we are well-versed in ducted air conditioning installation. We always follow industry standards and manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. Here’s a look at the different components that we need to install:

  • Ductwork – The ductwork is an expansive network of ducts that connects all areas of your property. Most modern homes and commercial spaces come with these components pre-installed, but we can install a new network if needed.
  • Outdoor Unit – The outdoor unit cools and conditions air before directing it to the indoor unit. This component is usually installed away from living areas to ensure there’s no noise disruption.
  • Indoor Unit – This part is responsible for distributing the conditioned air throughout the ductwork. It is concealed inside the ceiling and is out of the way. It also takes in stale air from the rooms and sends it out.
  • Air Diffuser – A diffuser disperses conditioned air to the rooms. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose a linear, 4-way, and round diffuser based on your preferences.

The system includes a zone controller and a return air grille/filter. The former allows you to control which part of your property is conditioned. The return air grille filters returning air before it reaches the indoor unit.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Repair

Like all manmade appliances, ducted AC units can break down and develop issues sometimes. Regular maintenance and servicing can help mitigate most of the problems but unexpected malfunctions can still happen. We provide expert ducted air conditioning repair services and can help maintain your systems.

If your AC unit isn’t performing well or delivers inconsistent cooling, call us for repairs. Our technician will examine the system thoroughly to understand the issue and provide straightforward repair recommendations.

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The Ducted Air Conditioner System contains a centralised compressor unit that filters throughout the whole house.

Our professionals usually install this unit at the rear of the complex to avoid visibility. The air ducts provide phenomenal air circulation, ventilation and filtering. Enjoy clean air at the temperature you like in every area of your home or office.

The latest in Ducted Air Conditioning System Technology is designed with zoning features. Meaning each area of the residential or commercial space can be specifically managed and operate at different times, this will also lead to a reduction in costs and higher energy efficiency.

Climacool professionals provide ducted air conditioning services across Sydney and are happy to advise what best heating and a cooling solution will work most effectively in your space. Contact us on 1300 379 334

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