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Have you been diagnosed with allergies? Are you concerned about the quality of your indoor air? You may have planned to purchase air cleaning devices. Whatever it is, you've arrived at the correct spot. In addition to providing dependable air conditioning services, Climacool also sells and installs HEPA filter units to improve your indoor air quality.

After installing these air filters, you would notice a significant improvement in the air quality in your house. This is only one of the benefits of HEPA filters, and we can assist you choosing the sort of Air Conditioning Air Purifier you require for your home or business.

We provide and install vented HEPA air purifiers which produce genuine, quantifiable improvements in indoor air quality in homes and workplaces. Our solutions handle problems with dust, smoke, road pollution, allergens, humidity, and ventilation.

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Why Opt For Whole House Air Conditioning Air Purifiers?

It's all about building a conducive environment - in every area of your home or business setting at all times - without generating fan noise or taking up valuable floor space. We spend the majority of our time at home or even in a workplace, making it a vital place for pollution-free, clean air. We know that our clients will settle for nothing but the best and we offer high quality HEPA Air Purifiers sales at competitive pricing, 

Our company recognises that you will want a good quality unit, best suited for your space and budget. Its why our experts work with you to understand your needs before coming up with the best Air Con Air Purifiers’ solutions. 

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What Are HEPA Filters?

HEPA is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It indicates a special mechanical filter type. HEPA filters differ from other air filters available on the market. The filter media distinguishes them from other models. They are comprised of glass fibres and activated carbon. These components maintain the fibres' paper-like density and pleated structure. There are several mechanisms through which HEPA filters absorb harmful pollutants.

In interaction with the filter material, contaminants are captured. Once impurities reach a distance of 1 diameter from the fibres, they are dragged through and captured. It drives air through a small mesh, capturing allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dirt, and dust mites. There is a low probability that particles can travel through this sort of filter. Only three particles out of every ten thousand remain unprocessed. This because they're too minute and can pass unnoticed.

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Benefits of Installing HEPA Filter Systems

There are several benefits to installing Air Con Air Purifiers, such as:

You may utilise HEPA systems to capture allergens, alleviate allergy symptoms, and perhaps enhance the health of all your family members.

  • No Harmful Byproducts - These filtration systems work effectively without producing any harmful byproducts. They are safe for the environment and for you to use.
  • Reduces the Effects of Smoking – If someone in your household smokes, you may be exposed to secondhand smoke, which is sometimes more lethal than direct exposure. A HEPA filter can eliminate airborne pollutants and smoke particles.
  • Neutralizes Unpleasant Smells - HEPA filters do not only conceal offensive odours. They eliminate them by capturing harmful air contaminants.
  • Asthma Protection - Poor air quality might increase asthma symptoms. Even if you have this respiratory disorder, you may install a HEPA filter to alleviate your symptoms. Air that has been cleaned and filtered can also promote unbroken sleep.

For additional details about our superior Air Con Air Purifiers, please call Climacool at 1300 379 334 or write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back soon to discuss your HEPA Air Purifiers requirements. 


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