Ducted Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

Regardless of the quality of the air conditioning system installed in your house or commercial establishment, it is inevitable that you will require Ducted System Air Conditioner Service at some point. An air conditioning service for a ducted system involves more than a cursory check to ensure the machine is operational.

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Ducted Air Con Maintenance

Here at Climacool our Ducted Air Conditioner Maintenance Sydney, service involves the following:

  • Filter Clean or Filter Replacement - Filters play a major role in the air quality and proper operation of your ducted air conditioner. Dirty air filters might result in recirculation of contaminated air through the air conditioner and back into the home. Also, unclean, clogged filters may wreak havoc on the air conditioner by restricting airflow and causing the device to malfunction and shut down.
  • Air Temperature Checks - We measure the air on and air off temperatures of the evaporator to ensure that your ducted air conditioner is effectively cooling and heating your house.
  • Refrigerant Level Inspections - Our expert staff inspects the gas level to ensure that the unit is operating appropriately and effectively.
  • This demonstrates that the compressor is operating properly and that there are no systemic issues.
  • Service reminder - Resetting of service reminders in the ducted system controls (Model dependent) to alert you when your next scheduled service is needed.
  • Check zoning system - Verification of the zoning system (If Installed) to confirm that all zone components are functioning properly to provide you with accurate air management in your house.

    We handle all other Ducted Air Con Maintenancetasks based on your Ac model. 

    ClimaCool Air Conditioning

    Ducted Air Con Maintenance And Repairs

    We have significant experience in repairing various brands of ducted air conditioners, including:

    • Replacement of PCBS
    • Replacement of fan motors.
    • Replacement of thermistors.
    • Replacement of wall controllers.
    • Return Air replacement.
    • Replacement of zone systems 
    • Replacement of zone motors.
    • And others.

    All of our components are purchased directly from our Australian air conditioning suppliers. With our replacement parts from Australia, we can assure that you won't have to wait weeks for your components to come in and that they all comply with existing Australian Standards.


    ClimaCool Air Conditioning

    Why Hire Climacool?

    There are many reasons to opt for our company for all your Ducted Air Con Service, such as:

    • Licensed and Insured - Our specialists are licenced and insured, and you can rest assured that you're working with trustworthy professionals.
    • Knowledge - We are a company with extensive experience in all facets of Sydney air conditioning maintenance. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to provide our clients with outstanding solutions.
    • Dedicated - Although not all air con repair jobs are simple, we address every issue with the same level of commitment and expertise. Whether it's a minor ducted air conditioning repair or a full fledged rehaul of the system, we approach every project with the same degree of dedication and attention.
    • Transparent - Our established price structure assures honesty Before commencing any project, you will always receive a clear estimate of costs, and our expert professionals will assist you through the process. Our specialists take pleasure in delivering dependable services.
    • Professional - Your residence is your comfort zone. Our courteous Ducted System Air Conditioner Service team will always tidy up after themselves and treat you and the property with respect.
    ClimaCool Air Conditioning

    Ducted System Air Conditioner Service

    For any more details about our high grade Ducted System Air Conditioner Service, solutions, please call Climacool at 1300 379 334 or write to us via this Contact Us form and we will call you back soon to discuss your Air Con Maintenance Sydney requirements. 

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