Things to Consider When Planning Additional Air Con vents

Many property owners remodel their homes with additions and expansions and need air conditioning for these spaces. At Climacool we help clients with air conditioning upgrades and the requiredDucted Air Conditioning Vents. 

Some things to keep in view while planning additional Ducted Air Con Vents include:

  1. The first important consideration is whether your present unit is big enough to accommodate an additional vent. Your new unit may be more energy-efficient, but does it have the capacity to cool an additional room? The amount of area you have impacts the tonnage of your air conditioning systems, since each additional room reduces their effectiveness. When building rooms or additions to your house or place of business, you must consider the HVAC tonnage before installing Additional Air Conditioning Vents.
  2. 2. You must also locate a location for return air. The doorway option may or may not succeed depending on the location of the return in the house's main living area and its capacity to actually take air from the room in question. Call Climacool to determine where to put ducted air conditioning vents.
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Additional Air Conditioning Vents

Before advising installation of any vents, our staff will inspect for the following:

  • What your current unit is
  • How many tonnes does your unit weigh?
  • Its sear rating (load rating or efficiency rating)?
  • What is your home's square footage without that room?
  • How many square feet will you be adding?

With this information, our professional can determine whether or not you have adequate tonnage to install Additional Air Conditioning Vents without hurting the room's effectiveness.

If your old unit lacks the tonnage to accommodate the new room, you may choose to consider a "through the wall" unit (like what they use in hotel rooms but much quieter). These Ducted Air Conditioning Vents can be installed in converted porches, dens, extensions, etc. They are controlled by a thermostat and they are not as noisy as you believe. This unit provides both heating and cooling.


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Benefits Of Additional Ducted Air Conditioning Vents

If you are wondering whether you will benefit from adding new vents to an existing system, read on:

  • Adding vents to ducting can boost your home's market value. Even if installing these vents may increase the overall cost of outfitting your home. Therefore, in terms of profit, the outlets will undoubtedly play a role.
  • Additionally, vents enable fresh air to enter the system. Here, the recirculated fresh air eliminates all forms of toxins and contaminants. Consequently, the interior air quality improves.
  • You will get the benefits of the health aspects.
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The Downsides to Ducted Air Conditioning Vents

However, once you've added the extra rooms and cooled them with the AC unit, your energy costs will rise. You may mitigate this to some extent by ensuring that your AC tonnage does not reach its maximum. For this, we can help assess your existing AC units and systems like the ducting etc. We conduct a full assessment before suggesting the best Additional Air Con vents solutions. 

The greatest drawback of adding ducting to existing ventilation is the reduction in efficiency. The inclusion of this vent will reduce the space's overall efficiency. But what does reducing the effectiveness of a room imply? Again, our assessment is useful in determining the best solutions. But if you are focusing on comfort and improved cooling in various areas then Additional Air Con vents is the way to go. 

Call Climacool for robust and well planned Additional Air Con Vents, at 1300 379 334 or write to us via this Contact Us form and one of our team members will call you back soon.

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