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Zoning your air conditioning equipment helps maintain a suitable temperature balance in your house. However what if you already have an HVAC system? Can other zones be added, and how? Yes, and Climacool can assist you with all of your Air Conditioning Zones in Sydney needs.

But why must your HVAC system be zoned? What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing it? Additionally, how much would it cost to install additional zones to your current HVAC system? You may also wonder if you have alternative options if your home is not suited for zoning. Yes, you may want to explore Installing Air Conditioning Zones to your existing HVAC system.

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When You Might Need To Install Air Conditioning Zones

Not all houses are identical. There are situations and types of homes and living situations that might benefit more from a zoned HVAC system. You may need Additional Zones Sydney in your residence if you:

  • Live in a multi-level home
  • Have tall ceilings
  • Have picture, bay, or expansive windows
  • The temperature in your rooms varies constantly.

This indicates that the thermostat controls temperature while the panel controls airflow. Your dampers will automatically open and close in response to the settings of your thermostat and control panel, guaranteeing maximum comfort and airflow throughout your house. Once your and zone dampers, control panel, thermostat are installed and operational, you will have fully functional Air Conditioning Zones Sydney.

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Here is a closer look at the conditions in which you might require this option:

  • Your Home Has Multiple Levels - Because heat rises, the upper level of a multilevel home may feel hotter than the lower level. Instead of attempting to control both floors with a single thermostat, you can utilise HVAC zoning to set distinct temperatures for the upper and lower levels of your house.
  • If Your Home Has High Ceilings- Heat rises and gets trapped all the way to the ceilings of your home, leaving you cold on the ground. A zoned Ac unit can remedy this issue by increasing the room's temperature more often, enabling more heat to circulate, and making the space overall warmer. Creating a distinct zone inside a room with high ceilings enables you to maintain a reasonable temperature without warming the rest of the home.
  • If You Have Large/Picture/Bay Windows- Sunlight may have a substantial effect on the temperatures of a room. Large windows, such as picture windows, bay windows, and floor-to-ceiling windows, allow more sunlight to enter a space, hence increasing the temperature. AC zoning allows you to establish different zones for rooms with numerous openings, allowing you to adjust the temperature without impacting the rest of the home.
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The Process Of Installing Air Conditioning Zones

To convert an existing HVAC system to a modern Air Conditioning Zones, we will take the following steps:

  • Zone Control Unit Installation
  • Thermostat Upgrade
  • Integrating the Zone Dampers Into Duct work

The Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning Zones Sydney

  • Save up to 40% on your energy costs
  • Additional temperature control 
  • Improved air quality
  • More personalized level of comfort
  • Reduces the level of wear and tear on the HVAC system
  • The ability to alter the temperature in every room easily

Regardless of your Air Conditioning Zones Sydney requirements, we are the professionals that can help with the best solutions. Our team will visit your property, check the layout, features and conditions before recommending suitable installations. We work with the best brand in the market so you can be sure of the quality of the work and the durability of the system. 

If you want to Install Air Conditioning Zones, call Climacool at 1300 379 334 or write to us via this Contact Us form and one of our team members will call you back soon to discuss your requirements. 

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