The importance of HVAC maintenance
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Did you know poorly maintained commercial heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment can increase its energy consumption by up to 30 per cent? It can also shorten the lifespan of your investment and lead to an increased risk of breakdown. If you’re considering whether having your heating and cooling system is a required business expense, here’s what you need to know about the importance of HVAC maintenance.

Energy consumption

Just as your car operates more efficiently with regular servicing, so too does your commercial heating and cooling system. In fact, the Australian Government notes a properly maintained system can cut its power consumption by up to 30 per cent.

And there are a couple of reasons for this. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures your system is free from grime and blockages, and that all components are operating smoothly. This means less energy is required to keep the system running, and heating and cooling are going to the areas intended without unnecessary restriction.

A longer lifespan

When you have your HVAC system regularly serviced, tested and checked, you increase the lifespan of your equipment. For example, replacing an element of the system that shows early wear can stop it placing additional pressure on other areas of the HVAC machinery.

Regular maintenance allows an air-conditioning technician to identify potential problems before they become catastrophic events.

Fewer breakdowns

In the business or commercial environment, there’s nothing worse than having your air-conditioning shut down at the height of summer, or your cooling breakdown in the dead of winter.
And let’s be blunt, a poorly functioning HVAC system can have a very real impact on the morale of your staff and their productivity, or the wellbeing of your tenants/residents.

As mentioned before, regular maintenance helps identify potential issues before they become fully-fledged problems that may be very expensive to fix.

So, what’s involved in regular maintenance?

The regular maintenance schedule

Regular maintenance and proper servicing involves inspecting and testing your HVAC equipment. It also includes tasks like:

  • Cleaning condenser coils, evaporators, and fans
  • Cleaning or changing air-filters
  • Checking valves, belts, refrigerant levels and insulation
  • Inspecting that your economiser is working correctly
  • Checking the bearings, motors and speed drives
  • Ensuring dampers are operating correctly. (This stops hot or cold air coming in to your building when it’s not required)
  • Making sure the outside air grills are not blocked with plastic bags or other materials
  • Lubricating fan bearings
  • Fixing refrigerant gas leaks
  • Fixing any air leaks in your ducting.

What we do

At Climacool, our technicians are expert in all areas of commercial HVAC installation, repairs and maintenance. We work with business and commercial clients to ensure their HVAC systems are regularly serviced and maintained in the interests of economy, efficiency and equipment lifespan.

We have extensive experience working in some of the largest commercial settings in Sydney – from hospitals to factories, child care centres, shopping centres, offices and apartment blocks.
You can contact us about our regular maintenance and repair services for commercial buildings here.

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