The importance of clean air conditioning filters
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They might be out of sight, but when it comes to commercial and domestic air conditioning, air filters should be front of mind.

Why? Because these critical components of any air conditioning system have an important role to play. Their cleanliness impacts the effectiveness of your air conditioning system, its lifespan and the quality of air you breathe.

So, let’s turn our attention briefly to the importance of clean air filters for air conditioning.

The role of air filters

Air filters have a dual role to play in any air-conditioning system. On the one hand they ensure the air you breathe within that environment is free from dust and particles, but on the other, they also protect critical components of your air conditioning system, ensuring they don’t become clogged.

Why it’s critical to keep air filters clean

Dirty air filters have the potential to impact everything from the lifespan of your air conditioning system to the efficiency it offers. They are also one of the leading causes of maintenance callouts and air-conditioning problems. And these aren’t the only reasons it’s important to keep them clean.

Air quality

The primary role of an air filter is to filter out dust and particles to ensure these aren’t circulated through your home. When a filter becomes dirty or clogged, they can no longer perform that task, meaning impure air is now being fed into your home’s air supply.

It can make an environment feel stuffy, dusty or stale, but more importantly, can potentially impact people with breathing difficulties or those who are prone to allergies.


Blocked or dirty filters mean an air conditioning system has to work harder to do its job. Meanwhile, if the dust, dirt and debris actually enters the air conditioning unit it can result in costly breakdowns and repairs.

Energy efficiency

As an air conditioner with dirty air filters has to work harder to do its job, it also then consumes more electricity, with studies indicating dirty filters can increase your system’s energy consumption by up to 15 per cent.

When and how to check and clean your filters

As a general rule of thumb, air filters should be checked, and cleaned or replaced every three to five months as a minimum, but in peak seasons like winter or summer, monthly checks are recommended.

Meanwhile, there are two common types of filters; those that can be washed and re-used and those that are disposable and require replacing. But first you need to know where to find your air filter.

On a split system, the air filter is located just beneath the cover of the interior unit and can be readily removed for cleaning or replacement.

On a ducted system, the air filter is located behind the main return grille in the ceiling. Often this grille is located somewhere out of common sight like the hallway.

Cleaning your filter

Cleaning your filter is relatively simple. Remove it from its position and give it a good wash under a tap or with a hose to clean any dust and debris. Then leave it in the sun to dry.

Once it’s dry, return it to the original position. The filter should be completely dry before you reinstall it, and you should not use your air conditioner while the filter is not in place.

If your filter is the disposable type or is cracked and damaged, replacements are easy and affordable to source.

But should all that sound a bit hard and messy, remember cleaning and replacing air filters is one of the tasks a trained technician will undertake as part of a regular maintenance service.

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