Stair Pressurisation systems

Fire is dangerous, and every modern building should have safe egress routes to help people escape the hazardous situation. Most buildings are designed with fire management in mind. Builders use fireproof materials, provide convenient egress routes, and have protection systems like sprinklers and alarms in place. A stair pressurisation system is one of the lesser-known safety precautions. At Climacool Air Conditioning, we can install, maintain, repair, and inspect these systems.

What is A Stair Pressurisation System?

Smoke and heat make it very difficult for people to escape buildings that are on fire. Smoke reduces visibility, makes it difficult to breathe, and can cause serious health problems almost immediately. A stair pressurisation system is designed to prevent smoke leaking through doors and getting into the stairwell. The system ensures the stairs have a fresh, breathable air supply.

A pressurisation system increases air pressure in the stairwell area, making sure it is higher than that of surrounding rooms. There are different kinds of pressurisation systems, and we are familiar with them all. We make sure yours is suitable for your building’s requirements.

A fully functioning system also ensures the stairwell is clear of smoke when firefighters arrive for assistance. Our experts will take factors like building purpose, height, location, and other such factors into account before recommending a solution that works.


A stair pressurisation system must comply with established government safety regulations. If a building has a malfunctioning system, you may face fines and other such consequences. We issue compliance certificates after completing a thorough inspection of the system. You can be sure that your property lives up to the established standards.

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