Air Conditioner Sales

Ducted & Split System Air Conditioning Sales & Installation

Climacool Air Conditioning is dedicated to supplying our clients with the best air conditioning sales in Sydney for their particular needs and area. With years of experience and expertise with multiple designs and brands, we have learnt to recommend two brands that conquer the market inefficiency, affordability and quality. It is our promise to our clients looking for a new air conditioner, to only provide the best unit for their heating and cooling needs.

Daikin Air Conditioners

With a backing of over 90 years of research and development, Daikin is one of our leading choices in air conditioner brands. Their climate control services are internationally renowned for their compact design and award-winning technology. As a brand Daikin has invested in the visual components of the machine, creating a design that blends into its surroundings unlike any of its competitors.

Daikin supply your necessary air conditioning systems, specialising specifically in ducted technology and split system technology. Climacool professionals are well equipped to maintain, service and install these well-designed heating and cooling instruments for your personal space. We find these AC unit’s reliable, affordable and efficient and would recommend it to the majority of our clients depending on their needs and space.

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Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Whether it’s a large or small air conditioner you are after, Fujitsu has it all. The brand offers a variety of air conditioning units, including ducted systems, multi split systems and wall mounted systems. Climacool Air Conditioning would recommend these industry leaders based on their simple designs, innovative features and quality air conditioning systems.

Fujitsu can be trusted to provide the economical solution for either your commercial or domestic space. Their air filter system is highly innovative and has the ability to clean a range of dirty air particles i.e: tobacco smoke, dust and plant pollen. Their energy efficiency is 30% more efficient than most of your typical standard air conditioner units found in the market. The Climacool Air Conditioning professionals are happy to recommend the best quality air conditioner system based on your specific needs and desires.

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