Make-Up Air Supply Ventilator

Modern homes are smaller, better insulated and more energy-efficient. There’s little room for outside air to come in unless the owners open the windows or doors. While that does help preserve the indoor environment and reduces the burden on a property’s HVAC system, it creates other problems like the amount of air supply available in your home. A make-up air supply ventilator can help overcome this problem.

What is a Makeup Air Supply Ventilator?

A make-up air supply ventilator is an appliance that replenishes the air supply in a room. A ventilation system’s exhaust fans will draw away air that can’t be recirculated safely. As there are few avenues for fresh air to get back into your property, you need a device to replenish it. The make-up air supply ventilator draws fresh, tempered air and circulates it in your property.

The ventilator comes in different sizes and designs. Some are just ducts that allow natural airflow while others are machines designed for large-scale commercial applications. Our expert technicians determine what kind of system you need and recommend products that will help.

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Why Do You Need A Make-up Air Supply Ventilator?

A make-up ventilator doesn’t just improve the overall air quality of a room but also helps maintain consistent pressure. When an exhaust system draws too much air away, it depressurizes a room. This creates a vacuum that draws air from other sources like through cracks between window joints or small holes in the wall. That’s an unnecessary burden on your HVAC system and makes the room environment uncomfortable as well. A make-up air supply appliance will resolve all of these issues quickly.

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