Fabric Ductwork / Fabric Ducting

When people think of ducts, they often imagine large installations made from steel, aluminium, or other such metals. These are the most common materials used in ductwork, but there are alternatives available. At Climacool Air Conditioning, we encourage people to consider the benefits of fabric ducting. Fabric may seem like a fragile and unreliable material for this purpose, but it serves its purpose well.

What is Fabric Ductwork?

Fabric ductwork system works just as efficiently as traditional materials. It comes in different forms like full round, semi-round, or quarter round structures that deliver conditioned air to different areas of your property.

Fabric offers a great deal of flexibility because it can be cut in any size or shape, which means you get tailored solutions for your property.

Fabric ducting offers uniform and draft-free flow of conditioned air. It’s made from a resilient and durable custom-woven fabric. These fabrics also have the superior dust-holding capacity, don’t shrink, and are colour-fast. You can choose a combination that suits your property’s requirements.

Benefits of Fabric Ducting

Fabric ducting offers several great benefits. It is easy to maintain as you can remove and wash it easily. These ducts are also great for sound insulation because they absorb sound and break it down. That’s why this system is ideal for studios, recording rooms, concert venues, and similar places.

We understand how fabric ducts work and know-how to create an efficient system for your property. Our experts will develop custom solutions based on the size of your property, foot traffic, and conditioning requirements. We will also provide honest, unbiased advice on different fabric ducting products available today.

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