Samsung is a leader in smartphone and HDTV technology. Thanks to their “Eco-Friendly” designs, Samsung air conditioners have joined their long list of successful products. Their range of split air conditioners offers energy-efficiency and flexibility in a brand that people can trust.

The energy savings start with a manufacturing process that uses less power to produce. Add to that the use of R-410A as a refrigerant. It is more environmentally friendly than others, reducing the pollutants released into the environment every time you use it. Samsung air conditioners also use less power to operate so they have a lower impact on the environment while saving you money.

The secret to Samsung’s success is the S-Plasma Ion technology. Samsung air conditioners with the “Virus Doctor” use hydrogen and oxygen ions to convert harmful contaminants into water vapour. The technology goes beyond keeping your home cool. It also protects you and your home from a range of airborne illnesses.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for considering Samsung air conditioners for your home is their cooling capacity. Samsung split ACs are highly effective at cooling. The features offered make it easy to cool your room quickly for nearly instant comfort. Turn on the maximum turbo cooling feature when you come in from the heat. This allows the compressor fan to run at maximum speed for thirty minutes to cool it down quickly. It also saves on energy use by taking less time to reach the desired temperature.

Samsung’s split air conditioning systems provide even cooling in every room. Automatic mode checks the current humidity and temperature pre-set before adjusting the settings automatically. Panasonic didn’t compromise on the design, function, or quality of their air conditioners.

If you’re interested in a Samsung split air conditioner for your home, contact Climacool Air today. We’ll help you get the right system for your needs and provide a professional installation, so it works to its full potential.