Panasonic is a brand that people trust around the world. Panasonic air conditioning brings the same intelligent design to home and commercial cooling that has made them leaders in the electronics industry. The company has more than 30 years in the air conditioning business. They set out to make the lives of their customers better by providing them with high-quality products. Panasonic offers a range of air conditioners that are affordable and reliable to meet a range of needs.

One thing that sets Panasonic air conditioners apart from the competition is their energy-saving features. The Inverter Air Conditioner Technology used delivers significant energy savings. The system works by continually adjusting the compressor rotation speed to operate with minimum power once it reaches the set temperature.

Unlike most air conditioners, Panasonic inverter air conditioners are flexible enough to vary the rotation speed of the compressor so that they use less temperature. At the same time, they are more effective at cooling quickly — up to 1.5 times faster than traditional non-inverter models.

Panasonic also offers ducted systems that come with easy-to-use controls. The controls for a number of settings is right at your fingertips. Some systems also have features like weekly timers. The installer can zone your system to let you choose which rooms to heat or cool at the appropriate time. If you’re considering air conditioning in Australia, you have to consider Panasonic. These ducted systems are designed for Australia’s harsh conditions. Cooling works great, even on the hottest days. Once temps drop to freezing, you have the heat you need to stay comfortable.

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