Mitsubishi is a world leader for their ductless air conditioners. The intuitive design and quality of their mini split systems are just some of the reasons to consider a Mitsubishi air conditioner for your cooling needs. Choose from a broad range of cooling powers from 6,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU. These units get their name from the outdoor condensing units and indoor air handlers that are smaller than those of standard split systems.

If you are considering a Mitsubishi air conditioner in Sydney, let Climacool Air help you make the right choice for your needs. With so many options to choose from, there’s something that’s right for the smallest to the largest homes and businesses.

The split systems include an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor unit that is installed on the ceiling, wall, or floor. Ceiling cassette indoor units work great in areas with drop-ceilings. They provide a low profile that fits in discretely, even in professional settings. Each unit can cool one zone, giving you more flexibility to control temperature separately in every room.

Ductless systems are ideal for homes or businesses where the existing ductwork is no longer in optimal condition. Switching to ductless eliminates the problem of lost cooled air. The systems are also practical in new structures where ductwork won’t fit. They are also a lot more cost-effective than installing new ductwork.

A Mitsubishi air conditioner is a great choice in hotter climates, summer homes, or as support for inadequate cooling systems. If you need both heating and cooling, one of the Mitsubishi heat pump systems might be a better choice for your needs.

Contact Climacool Air for help choosing the right Mitsubishi air conditioner in Sydney. Our experience and professional installation services ensure you’ll get the best results from your air conditioner purchase.