Fujitsu air conditioning offers small to large cooling solutions. The company offers a range of models and capacities, with features to meet a variety of needs. If you’re considering investing in Fujitsu air conditioning in Sydney, choose from ducted, multi-split units, and wall mounted systems.

People recognise the Fujitsu name for their innovative products that are designed to remove dirty air particles better than other brands. Homes with smokers can reduce their impact on the rest of the family. Those with allergies to dust or pollen greatly reduce their exposure to these allergens.

Fujitsu brings you the flexibility of a ducted air conditioner without the ductwork! Their multi-room mini-split air conditioning systems give you the control to keep each room at the temperature you want. Connect two to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit and enjoy comfort in every room. You also have the option to shut the units off that you don’t use for optimal energy efficiency. Fujitsu air conditioning brings an end to the bickering over setting the thermostat.

The multi-zone unit allows you to connect between two and five zones. If you have a smaller space to cool, you can still get the flexibility you need for year round comfort.

Mini-split systems also reduce the presence of allergens in the home. There aren’t any ducts, so no mould or dust is sprayed out into your home. The air continually disperses throughout the home instead of sitting in the ductwork. It produces more air changes over the coil than a central air system, making it safe for anyone with allergies.

Let the experts in air conditioning from Climacool Air Conditioning recommend the Fujitsu air conditioner that’s right for you. We understand that every household is as different as the people inside it. We’ll help you choose and install the right air conditioning system to keep everyone in your house happy and comfortable. Contact us today!