Size matters when it comes to air-conditioning
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In the cosy world of air-conditioning size really matters. An air-conditioning automation system that is too small for your space is likely to work harder to cool a space, while one that is too large can find you well outside your “comfort zone” in terms of ongoing costs.

It begs the question, what is the right sized air-conditioner for my environment? Well here are our top tips when it comes to size and air conditioning.

Too big

Modern air conditioning is designed to offer energy efficiency by cooling your house slowly and maintaining that temperature.

A system that is too large will cool your home quickly but then shut down once it reaches the right temperature. The house warms, it quickly cools it again as part of an on-again, off-again cycle that can add up in terms of electricity costs, and wear and tear on your unit.

Too small

A system that is too small for a space will work harder to cool or heat it, rather than running efficiently. This can cost you in terms of power consumption and also place consistent strain on the unit over time.

Just right

Determining the “right size” air conditioner for your living space is actually a pretty complex task that factors in a range of variables.

These include:

  • The size of your living space
  • How well insulated your property is
  • The number of windows the space has and the direction they face
  • What climate you live in

Air conditioning for how you live

Importantly, ascertaining the “right size” air conditioner also involves considering how the space you are looking to heat or cool is used and your personal preferences.

Basically, this involves looking at the areas of your home you’re likely to use most, for what purposes, and the ideal temperature that will accommodate these uses.

Some families, for example, might spend a lot of time in their bedrooms where teen children complete their homework. They might also prefer a chilled environment to sleep in.

For other households, those bedrooms might be less important, with the focus instead on living areas and keeping them warm over winter.

Understanding factors like this helps determine where a bigger unit may be required.

Size matters

Taking the time to ascertain the ideal size for your air conditioning has a wealth of benefits in terms of comfort and cost over the long term.

Not only is the right-size air conditioner designed to run more efficiently and keep your electricity consumption to a minimum, it is also likely to see fewer maintenance and repair costs over the life of the unit.

Meanwhile, the right size unit will likely offer better air quality and reduced noise, as it won’t be running at full capacity or frequently stopping and starting.

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