What are the benefits of an inverter air conditioner?
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Chances are you’ve been hearing about inverter split systems in recent years, with inverter technology now favoured over conventional split systems due to its economy, efficiency and lower electricity consumption.

So what is invertor technology and why is it so popular?

The inverter

Developed in the early 1980s by Toshiba, inverters enable your air conditioning compressor motor to run at varying speeds in order to more efficiently heat and cool an area.

Basically, the technology allows your air conditioner to gauge the ambient air temperature using a sensor and adjust the speed of the compressor motor accordingly.

This offers a huge improvement over conventional air conditioning where the compressor is either running at full power or not at all.

Inverter air conditioning benefits

Because an inverter allows an air conditioner to adjust its operation to its environment, it offers a series of benefits. These include:

Faster optimum temperature

Regardless of whether your inverter is heating or cooling it reaches the desired temperature faster. The system kicks in at optimum speed and then reduces its operation to maintain that temperature.

In contrast, conventional air conditioners run at a fixed speed and shut down when the desired temperature is reached. They the restart after a period when the temperature fall below or exceeds a certain point.

Greater temperature accuracy

Renowned as having an accuracy of +5 per cent or -5 per cent, inverters alter the compressor speed to maintain a fluid temperature, rather than shutting off the motor and restarting it.

Better energy efficiency

Because invertor air conditioners are not constantly starting and stopping they draw less power. Generally, inverter air-con’s need 30-50 per cent less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

Quieter operation

Inverter air conditioners tend to be quieter than their conventional counterparts because they are not turning on and off and running at full speed when in operation.

Are there disadvantages?

While inverter air conditioners are more efficient to run that conventional systems, they are more expensive to purchase.

That said, these costs are soon offset due to less electricity consumption.

Meanwhile, inverter systems can be more costly to repair as they feature more moving parts.

The takeaway

Ultimately choosing the right system for you comes down to your lifestyle, home environment and the way you intend to use your air conditioner.

Should you be tossing up between inverter and conventional air conditioning, we are available to assist with advice on which technology would suit you best, along with guidance on the best brands and installation to suit your needs.