Air Conditioning Installation

Climacool Air Conditioning offers a broad and diverse expertise of air conditioning installation services in Sydney. Our team of skilled professionals can assist you with the implementation of your new AC system, whether it be for residential or commercial use. The qualified team is trained in handling all types of air conditioning brands, including and not limited to Daikin and Fujitsu.

In 2015, it was recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that two in three Australians have an air conditioning unit. Australian weather can be unbearable! The weather tends to range from one extreme to the other on a weekly basis. Sydney in particular experiences constant heatwaves and cold snaps, therefore it is essential to have a controlled air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable/liveable domestic or commercial space.

Our unique approach to aircon installation is efficient and reliable. As the industry experts, it is part of our job to recommend the most suitable air conditioning unit in order to ascertain high quality ventilation in your property. Unlike other air conditioning companies, us at Climacool understand the difference between commercial clients and residential clients. This understanding means you can trust us to cater our air conditioning solutions to your specific needs, layout and affordability. Our first priority is high quality customer service and we achieve this by understanding our clients.

At Climacool Air Conditioning, we are renowned for our fair and honest aircon installation cost for Sydney. Our aim is to satisfy our clients in all respects, this means providing not only affordable services but also quality air conditioners that suit the needs of each particular client. We promise a smooth reliable service as well as a long term happy relationship.

If you can’t handle the heat or perhaps the cold has your bones shaking, call Climacool Air Conditioning on (02) 9533 6343 and allow us to provide your air conditioning solution.


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