Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney

Climacool Air Conditioning are trained thoroughly in commercial buildings. As air conditioning industry experts we understand how to cater to the individuals needs of our clients and the spaces they occupy. Whether it be the whole office needing a ventilation system or perhaps a ducted system in the factory, Climacool has your heating and cooling solution.

We have extensive air conditioning experience from the multitude of commercial properties we have serviced all over the Sydney metropolitan area. Ranging from AC units in offices to larger air ducts in factories, we are confident we can provide the highest quality solution to your cooling and heating needs.

It was recorded by The Guardian that 55% of staff complain and under perform when their working areas temperature is unbearable. To get the best out of your employees you have to invest in a fully functional air conditioning unit that will cool down the entire workplace area. Employees & customers need ventilation and air circulation. Climacool Air Conditioning will help assess your area and provide the most effective AC system installation for your specific commercial space.

Our experienced team will ensure the end-to-end process of your air conditioning service. We will ensure the whole installation process will be smooth, efficient and affordable. Our customer service professionals will also make sure they do not disrupt the surrounding working environment so that your business can continue to flow and function as it normally would.

The Climacool air Conditioning tradesmen are qualified in commercial building standards, rules and codes. In addition to this, the team are all thoroughly trained in occupational health and safety standards and conduct their work professionally with respect to their surroundings. The team are all insured for all residential and commercial work. Our service is quick, affordable and friendly.

Climacool Air Conditioning is your solution to your commercial heating and cooling problem. Whether you need your system installed, maintained or repaired, you can can contact us on (02) 9533 6343 or for a free quote.


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