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Top tips for ducted heating and cooling

As the cool bite of winter makes its presence felt, ducted heating is proving a welcome addition in many Sydney…

ducted heating

As the cool bite of winter makes its presence felt, ducted heating is proving a welcome addition in many Sydney homes.

But as you bask in the cozy comfort that is central heating, have you considered the last time you gave this essential companion a little TLC?

Ducted heating can often be taken for granted until something goes wrong, so here are our top tips for ensuring the longevity of your central heating and cooling.

Ducted heating basics

One of the great thigs about ducted heating and cooling is its sheer simplicity. In winter, set the control panel to heat, select your desired temperature (usually somewhere between 21 and 24 degrees) and the system will take care of the rest.

In summer set it to cool, select your preferred temperature (usually somewhere between 24 and 26 degrees) and enjoy a reprieve from a Sydney sweltering day.

You can also directly control zones to ensure the system isn’t working to heat or cool areas of your home that aren’t in use.

Meanwhile, here are some further tips to maximise the system’s efficiency.

Maximising efficiency

  • Before running your system, ensure external doors and windows are shut
  • In winter, close curtains and blinds at night in a bid to stop heat loss
  • In summer, consider closing blinds and curtains during the day to minimise ambient heat
  • If you have rooms that do not require heating or cooling, close the doors to that area and switch off the relevant zone
  • Ducted units should be set and left to run. Once they have established the right temperature, the system will decrease its output and work less hard to maintain it

Using timers

Timers are a great way of maximising the efficiency of your system at the same time as increasing comfort in your home, and these timers should be based on your lifestyle and routine.

For example, in winter you may want to awake to a warm house at around 7am. So, set your timer to come on at 6am, and consider the zones you will be using most as part of your morning routine. These zones might include the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas.

This allows your home to be nice and toasty in winter long before you get up.


Regular maintenance and cleaning helps ensure the longevity of your central heating and cooling system while also working to maintain good air quality.

When it comes to ducted air conditioning and heating maintenance:

  • A full maintenance and service by a qualified technician is recommended every 12 months. This service usually includes a check of how well system is operating, testing for leaks or deteriorating seals, testing the functionality of the thermostat and also checking and replacing filters, if required.
  • Otherwise, filters should be checked twice a year and replaced if needed (remember to use the recommended filter specific to your brand)
  • Check vents at least twice a year for build up of dust and grime (the beginning of summer and the start of winter are ideal times before you start putting your system to solid use)
  • Every six months do a visual inspection of the outdoor components including the coils to ensure dirt and debris has not built up. Clean if necessary or call a technician to have the job completed thoroughly.

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