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Can You Run Your Air Conditioner 24/7?

Air conditioners are now an integral aspect of our everyday lives. While they provide comfort, we also need them for…

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are now an integral aspect of our everyday lives. While they provide comfort, we also need them for maintaining the right environment required for various sensitive electronics such as computers and more.

During the summer months, it can be challenging to stay comfortable without air conditioning. Keeping all of these necessities and comforts in view, many people tend to leave their conditioner running 24/7. At times, they may leave the HVAC system switched on even when they are at home.


Effects of Running the AC 24/7

It is essential to keep in view that this decision can affect you directly as well as indirectly. We at Climacool Air Conditioning encourage all our clients to consider using their air conditioning units only as and when required. Take a look at why it is never a good idea to keep your system running 24 by 7.

1. Strains the System– When you run your air conditioner round the clock, it adds too much strain to the system. After all, the unit has various components that can wear out over time. While ACs of good brands will always last for many years, excessive strain can take its toll even on the most robust systems.

One of the best ways to avoid early deterioration and wear is to use air conditioning only when you need it. It is a far better idea to use fans as much as possible and run the air conditioner only when it is excessively hot outside.

2. High Energy Bills- during the summer months, many people notice that their electricity bills are very high. This is mainly due to high air-conditioning usage. It can become quite a burden on your monthly budget and sometimes you may find that your bill is double of what it is in the winter months. You can easily control this by using the air conditioner sparingly.

During the warmer summer months, a smart thermostat can be extremely beneficial. Set your thermostat to work the most when you are at home and allow the unit to run at a much higher temperature when you are away.

Even if you have pets at home, you can set the temperature at a specific limit so that it does not stress the system, when you are away from home. Not only will this save you a significant amount of money on repairs and services, but also cooling costs. If you are outside your home for many hours, switch off air conditioning entirely.


Opt For AC Units With Smart Technology

Many air-conditioning units now have smart functionality which means you can switch them off from a remote location via an app. This can be very advantageous as you can control the temperature in your home even when you aren’t there. Since there are many different brands and models of air conditioning systems, you must select one that is best suited to your property and needs.

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